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How do I know if my aging loved one is ready for home care services?

Here are some of the signs that an aging loved one may need some help at home.

  • Lack of housekeeping- dishes piling up in the kitchen, dirty floors, or large piles of unwashed clothing, general change in housekeeping habits.

  • Poor hygiene or change in personal hygiene habits. Wearing the same clothing for several days.

  • Bills not being paid.

  • Personal finances being neglected, checks bouncing.

  • Inappropriate clothing choices (not wearing a coat in cold weather, not wearing shoes, wearing heavy clothing during hot weather)

  • Confusion in the kitchen- not remember to turn off burners, leaving the oven on, leaving items in the oven and forgetting about them. Food being left out, leaving the water running.

  • General odd behavior – Odd conversations, signs of paranoia, accidentally taking too much medication, phone calls at odd hours, unusual fears and nervousness, all of these things may be signs that your parent needs help.


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