Five Ways to Help Seniors Who Feel Stuck at Home

Companion Care at Home in The Heights TX

Physical limitations, health challenges, and so many other factors can cause seniors to feel as if they’re stuck at home as they grow older. When seniors feel as if they’re confined, they can quickly become bored and start to self-isolate. Finding solutions to these issues is imperative in order to support seniors as they age […]

Why Are Seniors Reluctant to Bathe?

Senior Home Care in Memorial TX

Maintaining personal hygiene is a huge part of overall health and well-being. This means showering or bathing regularly. The problem is that often seniors start to become reluctant to bathe, gradually increasing the time in between showers or baths. Senior home care is one solution that family caregivers can put in place to help aging […]

How To Help A Senior Parent Avoid Holiday Scams

Elder Care in Sugar Land TX

The holiday season is coming, which means that scammers who target seniors are going to be out in droves. Scammers are getting more sophisticated. They are using updated AI technology and social media to try and scam seniors. Gift card scams and phishing scams are also common around the holidays. One thing that you can […]

How To Talk To A Senior Parent About Personal Hygiene

Personal Care at Home in Bay City TX

As seniors get older, it’s very common for them to have trouble with personal hygiene. Seniors who have soreness in their hands or have trouble gripping things may not be able to easily brush their teeth or hair. And other hygiene tasks become difficult for them too. So does getting dressed, putting on makeup, shaving, […]

Six Healthy Diet Tips for Seniors with COPD

24-Hour Home Care in Katy TX

Eating a healthy diet is important for every senior, but seniors with chronic health issues face bigger challenges with nutrition. For seniors with COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, eating a healthier diet can boost energy levels, improve lung function, and improve overall well-being. Help from 24-hour home care providers can ensure that seniors with […]

Tips For Helping Seniors Deal With Depression

Home Care in Houston TX

Depression is a common problem for seniors. It can be caused by things like the death of a loved one, changes in health or movement, or being alone. Seniors can process depression and improve their general health and well-being with the right help from the home care team and resources. Consider the following suggestions for […]

Five Things to Remember about Seniors and Driving

Home Care Assistance in The Heights TX

It’s a hard conversation to have with a senior when driving becomes scary or even dangerous. If seniors are exhibiting some warning signs about their driving, it’s likely time for home care assistance to take over driving duties. But it’s important how family caregivers approach this whole topic. Watch for Warning Signs Family caregivers can […]

Assessing Your Senior’s Risk of Becoming Lonely

Senior Home Care in Bay City TX

It’s important to figure out if seniors are likely to be lonely or depressed so that they can get the right help and support they need. This is particularly important as loneliness and sadness can greatly affect their quality of life, leading to decreased health and less time spent with friends and family. Through thorough […]

Five Ways to Help a Senior Cancer Patient Reduce Side Effects from Treatment

Home Care in Katy TX

When seniors are battling cancer, they often deal with side effects that range from mildly unpleasant to seriously uncomfortable. Helping them to manage these issues well can take a lot of effort and energy. Being able to turn to home care services for assistance can make the task easier for everyone involved. Encourage Sunscreen Use […]

How Does ADL Assistance from Personal Care at Home Help Seniors?

Personal Care at Home in Sugar Land TX

Part of growing older means experiencing a lot of different types of changes. And some of these changes make it more difficult for seniors to take care of themselves in the ways they’re used to. When that happens, it might be time to bring in personal care at home to offer some specialized assistance. What […]

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