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Techniques for Managing Aggression, Anxiety, and Agitation

Alzheimer's Care in Sugar Land TX
Alzheimer’s Care in Sugar Land TX

It can be difficult to care for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease, particularly when they go through violent, anxious, or agitated periods. The good news is that many Alzheimer’s care techniques exist to help loved ones handle these situations, benefiting everyone involved.

Recognizing the Triggers

The first step is recognizing the triggers for agitation, anxiety, and aggression in seniors with Alzheimer’s. In doing so, loved ones might be able to curb the behaviors before they begin, but it also gives them an understanding of what leads to the behaviors. Typical triggers could include the following:

  • Environmental Factors: Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may find changes in routine, clutter, or loud noises to be frustrating and confusing.
  • Physical Discomfort: Seniors may become agitated due to physical discomfort such as pain, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, or the need to go to the bathroom.
  • Emotional Stress: Anxiety, anxiety, or confusion can all lead to aggressive or agitated behavior.
  • Medical Issues: Medications’ side effects or underlying medical issues may be a factor in behavioral changes.

Finding Ways to Communicate

The secret to handling challenging behaviors in seniors with Alzheimer’s is effective communication. The following Alzheimer’s care tips can help:

  • Remain Calm: Maintain a soothing tone of voice and a kind demeanor.
  • Simplify Language: Steer clear of complicated directions and use brief, concise language.
  • Validate Their Emotions: Recognize and express empathy for their feelings. “I understand you’re feeling upset” is a helpful phrase.
  • Avoid Arguing: Change the subject to something more agreeable rather than correcting them or getting into an argument.

Establishing a Relaxed Ambience

An atmosphere that is calm and consistent helps lessen agitation and anxiety. Loved ones can help with this by considering the following and how these tips might be incorporated into the senior’s day-to-day activities or their home:

  • Create a Routine: Seniors with Alzheimer’s feel more safe when there is consistency. Loved ones can help them maintain a regular schedule for their meals, activities, and bedtime. Adding home care assistance with experience working in Alzheimer’s care can not only help lighten the load but also provide much-needed support.
  • Reduce Clutter: Make sure the senior’s living area is clutter-free and uncluttered.
  • Pay Attention to the Noise in the Environment: Reducing the amount of background noise from radios, TVs, and other sources can help seniors remain calm.
  • Offer Soothing Objects: Things that are familiar, like a family photo or a beloved blanket, might be reassuring.

Engagement and Activity

In offering Alzheimer’s care, it’s essential to keep seniors diagnosed with the disease busy but not overstimulated. Of course, finding the right balance is key. However, worthwhile pursuits help calm seniors’ anxiety and restlessness, which makes them a valuable part of seniors’ routines. Some activities to consider might include light exercise, which can reduce stress and improve their mood. Even gentle stretching or taking a walk around the block works to soothe anxiety. Other ideas include playing calming music, engaging seniors in arts and crafts, or playing games with them to stimulate their cognitive functioning.

It takes time, compassion, and a well-rounded strategy to manage agitation, anger, and anxiety in seniors with Alzheimer’s patients. However, with the adoption of the techniques above as well as home care assisting with Alzheimer’s care, seniors diagnosed with the disease can thrive.


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