Five Reasons to Consider Plant Milk for Your Senior

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It can be so difficult to help your elderly family member to get all of the nutrients that she needs to stay as healthy as possible, especially when it’s difficult for her to do things like cook every day. Companion care at home can help with that, and in honor of World Plant Milk Day on August 22, your senior might want to consider giving plant milks a try in place of dairy.

Milk Allergy and Lactose Intolerance

Lots of people go through life being able to tolerate milk and dairy products just fine, but then find themselves eventually dealing with lactose intolerance or even a milk allergy. Avoiding the pain and discomfort associated with these issues is a lot easier if your elderly family member switches to plant-based dairy products.

Mucus Production

Dairy products have been known to increase mucus production in the respiratory system, which can be as simple as an irritation for your senior or it can be more. If your elderly family member already has issues with asthma or other lung issues, even a little bit of excess mucus can cause serious breathing issues. Cutting back on dairy and replacing it with plant milk might make a difference.

Cardiovascular Health

Cow’s milk and dairy products are high in saturated fats, which are linked to cardiovascular issues. Swapping out some dairy, including milk, for plant-based dairy alternatives might help your senior to reduce her risk of certain cardiovascular problems. This can be an easy way for her to stick within fat limits that her doctor recommends, too.

Bone Density

Dairy is a popular choice for people who are trying to improve their bone health. That’s because dairy products are high in vitamin D, calcium, and other nutrients that help with bone density. But dairy isn’t unique there. Plant milks are also high in calcium, as well as other nutrients that might be on the top of the list your senior’s doctor gave her for improving bone health.


Plant milks don’t have hormones in them, which can make a huge difference in your senior’s overall health. It varies as to what hormones are present in dairy products, but if your elderly family member is sensitive to even small amounts, then avoiding dairy products may be a good idea.

How Companion Care at Home Can Help

Making changes to your senior’s diet sometimes means making changes to habits she’s had for years. That can be tough to do, but with companion care at home, she can have help making those adjustments.

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