Why Is Your Senior Having Trouble Eating?

Personal Care at Home in Katy TX

Personal Care at Home in Katy TX

If your elderly family member is having trouble eating, that’s tremendously impactful to her overall health and well-being. She might have a variety of challenges that she’s facing. It’s also possible that she doesn’t want to talk to you about what’s going on at first. That’s when being observant about her habits can help.

Her Appetite Is Off

Your senior might find that her appetite isn’t as consistent as it might have been in the past. There can be a lot of different reasons for that, but in the end, what happens is that your elderly family member just doesn’t get prompted by her body to eat as often as she should. Encouraging her to eat smaller meals more often during the day might be helpful. That helps to get nutrients into her body, even if she’s not eating a full meal.

She Has Physical Issues Eating

So many physical issues can impact your senior’s ability and desire to eat. She may have difficulty chewing or swallowing food, or remembering to do either. It might be more difficult for her to grasp utensils to eat as well. Personal care at home can make these challenges much easier for your elderly family member to manage, and may help her to eat more often.

Medication Side Effects Are Having an Impact

If your elderly family member takes medications, it’s important to know how those affect her ability to eat and to get the nutrients that she needs. Some of the side effects she might experience could impact her appetite and willingness to eat. Others might cause digestive issues, either in general or with specific foods. Using a food diary might help her to track those issues.

She’s Been Sedentary for a While

No matter why your senior might have been less active, this can cause her some significant issues with eating regularly. If it’s possible for her to start to exercise, even in small ways, that extra movement can help to stimulate her appetite and possibly help her to eat more often. Physical therapy or occupational therapy may help her also to deal with challenges that make the act of eating more difficult.

There are many other reasons that your elderly family member may have trouble eating, too. Having experts in personal care at home who are able to work with her to determine what’s happening and what she needs is hugely beneficial.

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