24 Hour Care

We provide care and peace of mind 24/7

If your loved one needs care 24 hours a day, At Your Side can provide around-the-clock peace of mind. We will coordinate a team of experienced, reliable caregivers to provide your loved one with care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our 24-hour care services provide peace of mind in such situations as:

  • You have a loved one who needs around-the-clock care and you live out of town.
  • Your loved one is at risk when unattended because of Alzheimer's or an other form of dementia.
  • Your loved one has trouble sleeping or gets up frequently, increasing the risk of a nighttime fall.

We believe it is a privilege to take care of your loved one, and our highest priority is the health and happiness of our clients and their families. There is no place a person would rather be than at home and we can make that possible all day, every day.