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Elder Care Makes Household Chores Easier For Seniors

Elder Care in The Heights TX
Elder Care in The Heights TX

If your senior mom or dad is living alone and they’re having trouble keeping up with the household chores, elder care can help. Elder care it the perfect solution for seniors that want to live at home but have limited mobility and can’t do household chores like they used to.

Seniors who need some help keeping their homes clean and comfortable can rely on elder care. A care provider will make daily or regular visits to your senior parent and help them with household chores, cooking, shopping, errands, and other tasks that are now too much for your senior parent to do alone.

Care providers also give seniors someone to talk to during the day so that your senior parent is getting the social engagement they need for their mental health. Some of the ways that elder care makes household chores easier for seniors are:

Taking Out The Trash

Taking the trash out is necessary to keep the home clean and sanitary. But taking the trash out each day and taking the garbage can to the curb once a week for trash pickup can be too difficult for seniors who are struggling to get around the house. Seniors with poor balance have a high risk of falling if they have to take the trash can out to the street and bring it back in. A care provider can take out the trash each day and make sure the trash gets to the curb for pickup on trash day.

Cleaning The Kitchen Daily

Just like the trash needs to go out daily the kitchen needs to be cleaned daily. Bacteria and mold can grow if food spills aren’t cleaned up, dishes aren’t done, and food isn’t put away properly. Seniors who have poor balance or who can’t stand for long periods of time may not be able to properly clean the kitchen. With elder care. your senior parent will always have someone to clean up messes in the kitchen and make sure the kitchen is safe and sanitary.


Laundry is another household chore that quickly becomes too difficult for a senior to manage. If your senior parent has laundry in the basement they may be unable to navigate basement stairs safely. Or carry a heavy laundry basket. A care provider can make sure your senior parent has clean clothes, towels, and linens by doing their laundry. Your senior parent can help with chores like folding laundry if they are able to and want to, but they don’t have to.

Floor Care

Floor care is important because it’s a safety issue, not just a sanitary issue. If spills aren’t cleaned up your senior parent could slip and fall. If debris falls on the floor and isn’t picked up or swept up that could cause a fall too. An elder care provider can sweep and mop the floors, or vacuum them, on a regular basis to keep them clean and safe.


Dusting is also important because it directly impacts the quality of the air that your senior parent is breathing. Dusting involves a lot of reaching and bending, as well as picking up items like picture frames and little items to dust them. Those fine motor movements are impossible for many seniors. Let elder care help keep your senior parent’s home clean and comfortable for them.

If you are considering elder care in The Heights, TX for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at At Your Side Home Care. We will answer all of your senior care questions. Call today: (832) 271-1600.

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