Helping Seniors Deal With Depression

In-Home Care in Houston TX

In-Home Care in Houston TX

People will feel down every once in a while. In fact, that’s a normal feeling. What is abnormal is when those feelings of being down or blue last for a few weeks or months. This can be incredibly hard for family members to deal with, especially if they have a senior loved one who is depressed.

Can in-home care can help seniors with depression? By bringing in a caregiver, the senior will not be alone. This can help combat feelings of isolation while also having someone at home who can help monitor general health. The truth is that caregivers can do a lot to help with depression, but they may also need outside help from other healthcare professionals.

In-home caregivers can do many things that may help rid a senior of depression, but sometimes it is much deeper than surface problems. A caregiver can help the senior’s doctors understand what is going on at home. In return, the doctors can give the caregivers advice on how to help a senior with depression.

How Can Caregivers Help Depression

Certain tricks might help solve a senior’s depression, but it doesn’t always work. When things get bad, it is time to go to the doctor. However, as a caregiver or in-home care assistant, try these things first.

Social Interaction

Feelings of isolation can drive someone to feel down and alone. A caregiver can help drive a senior to family functions, gym classes, and sit-downs with friends every week. It is part of their jobs to get seniors from place to place. Encouraging social interaction can be a great way to limit feelings of isolation.

Keep The Activity Level Up

Physical activity can help keep health problems at bay and also help decrease the feelings of depression. Helping a senior stay active may help their emotional state, physical state, and mental well being. Encourage them to sign up for yoga or tai chi, they might even make other friends.

Help Them Eat Right

When someone eats better, they feel better. In-home care specialists can help create meal plans that help keep seniors healthy. The junk food blues may be a real thing. Ensure that the senior gets plenty of fiber, vegetables, and whole grains.

Show Them Love

In-home care providers will grow to connect with the seniors they watch, and it is okay to show them you love and care for them. Encourage their families to come over and allow them to feel the love that surrounds them. As adults grow older and their children and grandchildren grow up, they can sometimes feel left on the back burner.

Watch Out For Medications

If a caregiver notices that a senior has started taking medication, there could be side effects that alter mood and personality. Keep a note of these mood changes to bring up, on the next doctor’s visit. The senior may need to switch medications.

Get Professional Help

As an in-home care provider becomes close to a senior and watches their daily habits, they will see when it has become too much. They can encourage the senior to go to the doctor or maybe a therapist. Every caregiver can create a team that will help the senior deal with depression.

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