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Travel Tips For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Care in Katy TX
Alzheimer’s Care in Katy TX

Seniors with Alzheimer’s can still travel and enjoy vacations. You can bring a senior parent who has Alzheimer’s on a family vacation with just a little extra preparation. Make memories while you can with your senior parent by including them in your family trip.

Depending on how far advanced your senior parent’s Alzheimer’s is there are some precautions that you will need to take. Thinking ahead and planning for emergencies is the best way to make sure that the travel goes smoothly. Use these travel tips for seniors with Alzheimer’s to ensure a safe, happy, and memorable family vacation:

Give Them Plenty Of Notice

Seniors with Alzheimer’s thrive on routine. If you’re going to change that routine with a vacation give your senior parent as much notice as you can. Get a calendar or print one. Circle the date of the trip. Or put stars or stickers on it. Just make it very visible. Count down each day by crossing off the day. That way your senior parent will see the vacation approaching. They will know something is happening on that day even if they aren’t sure what it is.

Get Help from Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s care is something that all seniors with Alzheimer’s can benefit from. If your senior parent has Alzheimer’s care, the care provider can help your senior parent pack for the trip. They can create a checklist of clothes, medications, and other items that your senior parent should have with them. No one knows better than a care provider how to plan for emergencies. With their help your senior parent should have no trouble packing.

Alert The Airline In Advance

If your family is flying make sure to let the airline know in advance you will be traveling with a senior who has Alzheimer’s. Arrange for a wheelchair. It will be much easier to get your senior parent to the gate without them wandering off if they are in a wheelchair. Often airlines are happy to go the extra mile to help you and your family. But they do need advance notice.

Use A GPS Tracker

It’s a very good idea to put a GPS tracker or tag inside your senior parent’s clothing where it won’t fall out. Put one on a chain and have them wear it like a necklace. That way if your senior parent wanders or if you get separated you will be able to track their location on your phone. If your senior parent is alone and confused in a strange place they may not be able to make their way back to you. Track them so you can find them easily if necessary.

Put ID Inside Their Clothing

It’s also a good idea to put a copy of their ID inside their clothes somewhere. Put a copy of their ID in an inside jacket pocket. Or in a little pouch around their neck. That way if their wallet or purse is stolen they will still have ID.


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