Sharing Meals Keeps Seniors Connected

In-Home Care in Cinco Ranch TX

In-Home Care in Cinco Ranch TX

Social isolation is reaching near epidemic levels among seniors. As seniors overwhelmingly prefer to age in place at home, they have a real risk of becoming isolated. According to the CDC nearly a quarter of seniors over 65 are at socially isolated. The more socially isolated seniors become the higher the risk they face of developing depression and other serious health problems. One simple way that you can help your senior loved one fight isolation is by eating meals together as often as you can. With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to create a new routine of sharing meals with your senior loved one several times during the week.

You Do Have Time

The biggest objection people raise to eating with their senior loved ones is that they don’t have the time. And sometimes it does feel that way when you have work obligations and kids and a spouse at home and a lot of errands to run. But you do have the time to stop by your senior loved one’s for a quick meal. Sharing a meal doesn’t have to mean spending an entire evening eating dinner with senior loved one, although they would probably love that. It can be as simple as popping by to have a burger with your senior parent or to share some breakfast doughnuts. Stop by on a weekend morning with some cinnamon rolls and have a sweet breakfast with some coffee before you start your Saturday chores. There are ways. You do have the time.

In-Home Care Providers Can Help

If you can’t get to your senior parent’s home more than once or twice during the week or if you live far enough away that dropping in for meals isn’t really possible then another option is hiring in-home care providers to help your senior parent. An in-home care provider can be a wonderful companion and friends to your senior loved one as well as a big help around the house. In-home senior care providers can make meals with your senior loved one and eat with them too providing conversation and companionship as well as help with the dishes and the housework. In-home care providers can also be a big help for seniors that can’t drive because they can arrange transportation to get seniors to activities like exercise classes or book clubs. The more social activities your senior loved one engages in the more connected they will stay to the outside world.

There’s Nothing Like Family Meals

There are lots of reasons why experts often talk about how important it is for families to eat meals together. People bond over food. Sharing even a simple meal with your senior parent will give you the chance to bond with them over memories of family meals from the past and the anticipation of future meals. This month make it a priority to find times during the week when you can connect with your senior parent over a meal.


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