Creating a Daily Care Plan Is Essential for Family Caregivers

Home Care in The Heights TX

Home Care in The Heights TX

Your brothers and sisters help you provide the care your parents require, but it’s getting harder to keep up. As their care needs change, you’re not sure there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. Have you looked at the benefits of home care?

Home care helps your mom and dad with any task that’s too difficult for them to do on their own. It’s a way to help them stay independent as their health or abilities change. The best way to get started is by coming up with a daily care plan to use as guidance.

What Should Go Into a Daily Care Plan?

Your parents’ care plan requires you to take a closer look at the things they need to do each day. Start with their morning routines and progress from there.

In the morning, your parents probably have medications they need to take. They need to get showered, brush their teeth, and get dressed. They may even need to have you help with their exercise routines, especially if they’re under a physical therapist’s care. All of that may happen before or after breakfast, but you’ll also be preparing that meal.

By afternoon, you’re making lunch, helping your parents get to appointments on time, prepping ingredients for dinner, and getting your parents outside for fresh air. You also have housework to do, laundry on some days, and possibly changing bedding and towels.

In the evening, you’re making sure your parents eat dinner, cleaning up dishes, and helping them wind down before bed. They may have additional medications to take at night before brushing their teeth again.

Throughout the day, you may have to help your parents with toileting. They may need you to take them shopping or order prescription refills. They’ll also need you to take breaks and socialize with them.

Some tasks go onto daily to-do lists. You also have weekly lists for tasks like bedding changes, laundry, and grocery shopping. Other duties, such as appointments and prescription refills, will occur monthly.

You have your lists. Now, it’s time to talk to your brothers and sisters about their schedules. Can they help you with the things on that list? If so, what days or hours are they available? What gaps remain once they’ve each been added to the care plan schedule?

Arrange Home Care to Cover the Gaps

Call a home care agency once you’ve worked with your parents and siblings on a daily care plan. Work with an expert in home care to learn more about the availability of services and pricing for the care your parents need.


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