How to Help Your Dad Prepare for Personal Care at Home

Personal Care at Home in Galleria TX

Personal Care at Home in Galleria TX

Your dad fell and broke his leg. Since that fall, he’s having a harder time with personal care. Have you considered all of the benefits of personal care at home and how to use this essential service to help your dad stay independent?

Listen to His Concerns

Don’t dismiss your dad’s concerns. If he’s worried about personal care at home being embarrassing or demeaning, make sure you listen to his concerns and address them. He’ll be comfortable if he’s able to talk about his fears.

Around 12 million people in the U.S. were receiving home care services in 2017. Your dad’s not alone. Tell him this so that he knows he’s not alone.

Prepare Him for What Happens

Go through a typical day with his caregiver. Go over what the caregiver is there to do and what the caregiver won’t do. If he’s having assistance with showers and grooming tasks, talk to your dad about how it will take place.

Set up his bathroom to make it easy. A shower seat, hand-held shower wand, and sponge on a brush handle may make your dad feel better about having help with bathing. Get his favorite soap and shampoo as familiar scents can be soothing.

Remind Him That He Has a Voice

Make sure your dad knows that he has a voice. If he’s finding himself frustrated with the way a caregiver does things, he can be polite and speak up about why it bothers him and find a way to work with his caregiver that makes him comfortable.

For example, he’s used to showering before he shaves. He doesn’t like to shave first and then shower. He likes his skin to have absorbed some water and steam first. All he needs to do is explain this to his caregiver. If he doesn’t speak up, there’s no way for the caregiver to know.

Make Sure He Knows It’s Only When He Needs It

Your dad may not like the idea of being dependent on others. Make sure he knows personal care at home services are only until he’s better. If he goes through therapy and regains full mobility, he won’t need personal care services anymore.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Many families make the mistake of waiting too long to arrange home care services. They figure their parent will make a full recovery, so why bother? Don’t make your dad struggle with daily care needs. If he could use help, arrange it now. If he regains mobility and no longer needs services, you can stop them at that point.

Don’t put off arranging personal care at home. Arrange the services your dad needs as soon as you know he needs help. Call an advisor and go over the things your dad needs to maintain his independence.



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