Independence is Vital for Healthy Aging: Here is How You Can Help

In-Home Care in Memorial TX

No matter how old your elderly loved one is – their 60’s, 80’s, or even 90’s – if they are capable of being independent in any way, it would be a good idea to encourage their independence. There are many senior citizens who can’t be independent in some aspects of their life due to health issues or just old age. In those instances, it is good to show your elderly loved one support and have yourself or in-home care providers help out. However, in areas where your elderly loved one can be independent, there are ways you can help without stepping on their toes.

Setting Up Routines

One way that you and elder care providers can help your elderly loved one is by setting up routines with them. For example, if your elderly loved one can cook meals, but needs help doing so, you can set up times and days where you or the in-home care providers come to help. If your elderly loved one just needs reminders to get things done, such as vacuuming, giving those reminders without doing it for them can encourage their independence, as well.

Better Fitting Clothing

Another way that you and home care providers can encourage your elderly loved one to be independent is by getting them better fitting-clothing. For example, if your elderly loved one is having trouble taking a bath because they can’t get their clothes off or on by themselves, getting looser clothing would be helpful. If your elderly loved one has clothing such as sweatshirts, loose t-shirts, and stretchy pants it could help them to get dressed or undressed on their own.

Activity Modifications

There may be times when your elderly loved one isn’t able to do activities like they used to. However, this may not necessarily mean they aren’t able to do that activity at all. For example, some senior citizens have trouble doing the laundry. They may not be able to carry a full laundry basket. However, there are ways you can help without taking over. For example, you could get them a laundry basket with wheels. Another option would be to have an in-home care provider could carry the basket and your elderly loved one does the rest of the laundry. By making activity modifications, your elderly loved one can stay independent with tasks they are still able to do.


Independence is vital for health aging. These are some of the ways that you can continue to encourage independence for your elderly loved one. If they do need more support down the road, you or in-home care providers can be there to help out more.


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