Four Ways to Reduce Overall Fall Risk for Your Senior

Home Care Assistance in Katy TX

Home Care Assistance in Katy TX

Are you worried about your senior’s fall risk? Even if she’s in good health, it is a good idea to assess your senior’s current risk of falling and determine whether that’s likely to change in the future.

Look at Ways to Make Her Home Safer

Making safety modifications whenever possible is a good plan for keeping your senior safe at home. Things like adding handrails and removing anything that could cause her to trip can help immensely. Look at all sorts of possible modifications, like adding ramps, changing out lights, and changing flooring that isn’t safe. Another way to make your senior safer at home is to bring in home care assistance. Elderly care providers can help with keeping up with cleaning tasks and ensure that your senior has someone with her.

Help Her to Improve Her Strength and Balance

One reason that it can be important for your senior to start or to continue an exercise plan is that she need to be able to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. Between improving her strength and her balance, your elderly family member can greatly reduce her fall risk. Talk with her doctor about how your senior can best help to make this happen.

Talk to Her Doctor about Medications and Side Effects

While you’re talking with her doctor, it’s a good idea to consider what medications she’s taking and what side effects she may be experiencing. This is important even if your elderly family member has taken certain medications for many years. Her body can start to metabolize them differently and she may experience new side effects, like dizziness, that make her more prone to a fall.

Make All of This a Regular Checklist Item

This isn’t something that you can resolve once for your elderly family member and then be done. It’s something that she’s going to have to revisit more than once in order to make sure that the plans you’ve put in place are still working well for her. Home care assistance providers can help you with this, too, by letting you know what they’re noticing. As you need to make changes, you’re better able to keep up with what your senior needs.

Your senior’s fall risk probably will never be completely zero but working together there’s a lot that you and she can do to help her to be a lot safer in her own home.

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