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Warning Signs of A-Fib Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

Home Care Assistance in Garden Oaks TX: Seniors and their families should be more aware of A-Fib, or Atrial Fibrillation and the impact it can have.
Home Care Assistance in Garden Oaks TX
Home Care Assistance in Garden Oaks TX

Seniors and their families should be more aware of A-Fib, or Atrial Fibrillation and the impact it can have. A-fib is a condition that causes an irregular and often very fast heartbeat. Seniors with A-fib have a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart-related conditions. To seniors that have A-fib but don’t know it, the fast heartbeat might feel like a panic attack. It’s actually a medical condition that their doctor should know about.  Here are a few symptoms you and your senior should know about A-Fib, and how home care assistance can help:

Shortness Of Breath

It’s not uncommon for seniors to be out of breath if they’re exercising strenuously, but if seniors are not exercising and they feel out of breath or if they are doing something that they do every day like getting dressed, sitting on the couch, or talking and they are suddenly out of breath that could be a warning sign of A-fib.


If your senior parent suddenly starts feeling weak when they are doing routine tasks to the point where they need to sit down or if they fall down because they have a wave of weakness come over them that is something that a doctor needs to check out right away. Sudden weakness overall and sudden muscle weakness can indicate A-fib in seniors.


Dizziness in seniors can be caused by many things, including common conditions like dehydration or malnutrition. A change in air pressure, some medications, and many other things can cause temporary slight dizziness. But if your senior parent is suddenly having dizzy spells that they haven’t had before or they find that they are getting dizzy when they do everyday things like put their shoes on, button up a shirt, or walk down the hall that’s an indication that something could be wrong.


Just like dizziness fatigue is common in seniors and can be caused by many things, most of which aren’t that serious. But, if your senior loved one has developed severe fatigue and they also are showing some of the other signs of A-fib that’s a red flag. Have the home care assistance provider keep track of when your senior loved one is feeling fatigues and how long the fatigue lasts.

Pounding Heartbeat

Your senior parent may experience a suddenly pounding heartbeat by itself or in conjunction with other symptoms of A-fib like dizziness or shortness of breath. If your senior parent has spells of pounding heartbeat repeatedly and they are also experiencing other symptoms of A-fib you should make a doctor’s appointment for them so that the doctor can test their heart function. If there is A-fib there are treatments and medications that can help but the sooner that seniors get diagnosed and start treatment for A-fib the lower their chances of a heart attack or stroke will be.


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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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