Watch for These Signs of Depression in Your Senior

Companion care at Home in Garden Oaks TX

Companion care at Home in Garden Oaks TX

There are more than 6 million seniors in the U.S. who have depression. But there could be many more, because the signs of depression often go unnoticed in seniors. Seniors who are feeling depressed may not want to talk about how they are feeling because they think that no one cares or that depression is just part of aging. But there are often signs of depression that seniors exhibit. These signs can indicate that you should talk to your senior loved one about how they are feeling. It can be easy to miss the signs of depression in seniors, especially if you aren’t with your senior loved one every day. Companion care at home can be a great way for you make sure that your senior loved one always has someone to talk with. And if your senior has companion care at home a care provider may notice some of these signs of depression in your senior parent:

Sleeping More

If your senior loved one is getting the sleep they should be getting at night then they shouldn’t be tired during the day. But if they are starting to take frequent naps during the day, or stay in bed for the majority of the day instead of getting up that could be due to depression or struggling with anxiety. Companion care at home can keep track of any changes in your senior’s sleep habits and report them to their doctor.

Being Withdrawn

Sometimes depression can look like boredom or just being withdrawn. If your senior parent has always been a person that loved to have a good conversation or if they are usually pretty social and they start not wanting to talk on the phone, not wanting to go out, or spending a lot of time alone it could be that they are feeling down and don’t want to talk about it. Many people who are over the age of 65 don’t think that they should talk about negative feelings so they bottle them up inside. That can make them withdraw from you and from other friends and loved ones.

Lack of Interest in Activities Or Hobbies They Used To Enjoy

Seniors who are struggling with depression will often lose interest in things that they used to enjoy. If your senior loved one no longer wants to go for walks or get outdoors when they have always enjoyed a daily walk that is something that you should talk to them about. You should also talk to them about how they are feeling if you or a caregiver notices that they don’t seem to want to watch their favorite shows, play games, listen to music, or do any of the activities that used to make them smile.

Poor Appetite

Seniors often don’t eat enough on a regular basis, so if your senior parent is depressed and eats even less that could start to impact their health. If you notice that your senior loved one is eating less or seems uninterested in food you definitely should talk to them and see if they are feeling depressed.


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