4 Tips to Improve Senior Safety in the Kitchen

In-Home Care in Katy TX

In-Home Care in Katy TX

Remodeling a home to make it more senior citizen-friendly is important. Your elderly loved one should be safe in their own home, especially if they are there by themselves. The good news is that in-home care providers can help your elderly loved one each day with safety. They can watch over them and just help to ensure certain activities are safe for them to do.

One of the rooms of the home that is often the most dangerous for senior citizens is the kitchen. There are some remodels and changes that you and in-home care providers can make to keep your elderly loved one safe, too.

Opening Jars

Are you worried about your elderly loved one getting hurt by tapping a glass jar on the kitchen counter because they need it open? If so, there are some jar opening gadgets that make it easy for senior citizens to get jars open. You could also hire in-home care providers to open jars for your elderly loved one, as well.

Better Shelves

Are you concerned that your elderly loved one will get hurt while bending over to reach inside a shelf? What about when they are trying to reach up into higher-up shelves? These are both dangerous situations for senior citizens. It is important that you help prevent your elderly loved one from getting injured while bending into or reaching up on shelves. There are many storage solutions that could help to protect them. One of the best options is pull-out shelves or rotating shelves. These allow people to see things without having to reach inside the cupboard.

Great Lighting

Another reason why many elderly people get hurt in the kitchen is due to bad lighting. For example, if there is a bit of water by the sink on the floor and your elderly loved one doesn’t see it, they are more likely to slip, fall, and get injured. However, if the lighting in the kitchen was better, if there was water on the floor, it could be more noticeable, so your elderly loved one is less likely to slip and fall.

Better Seating

Do you worry that your elderly loved one will get hurt while standing up or sitting down onto their kitchen chairs? If the chairs are old and wobbly, up too high, or down too far, this is a possibility. It may be a good idea to get better seating for your elderly loved one, so they can sit down and stand up from the chairs more safely.


These are some of the ways that you can make the kitchen senior citizen-friendly today. Each of these changes doesn’t take much, but it can make all the difference to the safety of your elderly loved one. If you can make these things, even if it is just one of them at a time, it could also help your elderly loved one to have a better sense of security and safety in their own home.


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