How Seniors Can Manage Chronic Headaches

Home Care Assistance in Galleria TX

Home Care Assistance in Galleria TX

Seniors who have Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s may find that they have frequent headaches. Seniors battling other chronic illnesses also can get headaches on a regular basis. June is Headache and Migraine Awareness month. That means now is a fantastic time to learn more about how seniors can deal with chronic headaches and the pain that they cause. Because of the dangers of medication interactions, using other methods to help manage headaches can help lessen their pain. In-home care can help your senior implement these methods to reduce their headaches when you can’t be there.

Here are some of the recommended methods for seniors to use to manage headache pain are

Exercise Regularly

Getting regular exercise can improve circulation and stimulate the production of pain-killing endorphins in the in brain. Activity as simple as going for a walk around the block can be enough to help seniors fight off headaches or at least lessen the pain that they’re feeling. Exercising daily is an important part of overall good health for seniors but as a bonus it can help reduce pain too.

Avoid Caffeine

A cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of tea isn’t going to contain enough caffeine to cause headaches, but seniors who drink a lot of coffee or tea might find that too much caffeine can make their headaches worse. Seniors should limit the amount of caffeine that they have each day. Home care assistance can help seniors manage their diets so that they are eating well and not drinking too much caffeine each day. Herbal tea doesn’t contain any caffeine so herbal tea is fine for seniors to drink. But black teas and coffee should be avoided except in small amounts.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough rest can make headaches much worse for seniors. Your senior loved one should be getting at least eight hours of sleep at night. Many seniors need more like ten hours of sleep at night to be healthy. If your senior loved one is having trouble sleeping at night because they are anxious or worried being in the house alone home care assistance can provide peace of mind for your senior parent and for you.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is unhealthy for many reasons. Seniors should not smoke, and seniors who do smoke should talk to their doctors about getting help to quit. Headaches are just one of many health problems that can impact seniors who smoke. Your senior loved one might think that since they have smoked for years they might as well keep smoking but that’s not true. Quitting now can still help seniors live better and avoid health problems.

Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar affects the body like a drug, and it can cause headaches when seniors eat too much of it. Seniors should be eating healthy unprocessed foods that don’t have extra sugar added to them. In-home care can help your senior loved one prepare healthy meals that aren’t made with heavily processed ingredients that have sugar added so that your senior parent isn’t eating too much sugar daily.


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