Getting the Right Care for Your Mom with Dementia

24-Hour Home Care in Garden Oaks TX

24-Hour Home Care in Garden Oaks TX

As common as dementia is, there is still a stigma to it. This stigma can keep families from telling others, seeking support, and getting answers to their questions. Don’t let the stigma of dementia keep your mom from getting proper care.

Ask Her Questions and Encourage Others to Do the Same

One of the aspects of dementia that is very challenging is that others stop trying to talk to your mom after learning she has dementia. The thought is since her cognitive skills are diminishing, she may not be able to answer questions. Instead, they’ll ask you about her.

When they do this right in front of her, it can make her feel ignored. If you attend doctor’s appointments with her, make sure her doctor and nurses ask her questions directly. Let her answer if she can and only offer to answer for her if she looks to you for help.

Ask your mom questions, too. When she gets up, ask her how her night was. Ask her what she’d like to eat. Try to keep her talking as much as possible. The more she talks, the better it is for her.

Advocate on Her Behalf

You may need to become your mom’s advocate. If her doctor says her memory loss is normal, remember that her doctor may not realize that her actions aren’t normal. Doctors admit that catching Alzheimer’s in the earliest stages is crucial, yet 90% of doctors aren’t comfortable diagnosing mild cognitive impairment.

Get ready to push and push as hard as you need to. If a doctor says it’s fine and you’re not convinced, get a second option. Keep pushing until you’ve been referred to a memory care clinic or neurologist and had the disease diagnosed or ruled out after a brain MRI.

Once she has the diagnosis, attend every appointment. During those appointments, ask questions that come to mind or that you’ve heard your mom ask. No question is too stupid to ask. If you’re curious about something or want clarification, ask your questions and keep asking them until you have answers you understand.

Hire 24-Hour Home Care Aides

Support your mom through all stages of dementia. This fight could last decades and isn’t always an easy one.

There may be times that she is unpleasant to be around. Remember that it’s the disease. Your mom is still there, even if the person you’re with every day is nothing like her. With 24-hour home care, your mom has the help she needs so that you can step away and de-stress.

Hire 24-hour home care to be with your mom all day long and throughout the night. If she tries to wander off, her caregiver can redirect her. If she wakes up and is scared, she’ll have a caregiver with her. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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