How Do You Discuss Senior Home Care With Your Senior?

Senior Home Care in River Oaks TX

Senior Home Care in River Oaks TX

It’s time to address your mom’s long-term care plan. She’s insistent on living in her home for as long as possible, her whole life if possible. As her health changes, aging in place can pose new challenges. With support from senior home care, her plans don’t need to change.

How do you bring up the need for senior care? What steps do you need to take to ensure she is open and willing to accept help?

Ask Her What Her Goals Are

Do you know your mom’s goals as she ages? Has she always dreamed of staying in the family home? If that’s her primary goal, how achievable is it? If she has a multi-level home, is there a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen on the main level? If not, how is she going to navigate the stairs if she falls or experiences a loss of mobility?

If your mom wanted to downsize to one-level living, what’s stopping her from moving? If she’s worried about fixing up her home first, start a list of what needs to be repaired vs. what is just cosmetic and unnecessary. Check off the must-do items and help her start getting ready to sell.

What Would Help Here Stay Independent?

Your mom’s an independent person in general, but some of her health or mobility issues are limiting what she can do on her own. Go over the different services that are offered through senior home care agencies and find out what she feels would ensure she’s able to remain independent.

If her laundry room is in the basement, would it help her to have someone else go downstairs to do the laundry for her? Once a week, she could have caregivers helping her with chores like laundry. If that helps out, it’s one to put on a list of helpful home care services.

What about transportation? Is your mom still able to drive or has her doctor warned her to stop? Your mom can have caregivers available to drive her to stores, the area post office, events at the senior center or public library, or medical and dental practices. Your mom doesn’t have to wait for you to be available. Her caregiver can drive her around.

Follow Her Lead

Your mom will be far more willing to accept the help of senior home care if she made the decisions. Let her look at the different services that are available to see what she thinks is most helpful. If she’s the one directing how caregivers help her, she’ll be more accepting of their help.

Make sure you allow your mom to talk to a senior home care advisor, too. If she’s able, it’s important that she gives as much input as possible. Call a home care agency today to schedule the senior home care services that help your mom maintain her independence as she ages at home.

If you are considering senior home care in River Oaks, TX, for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at At Your Side Home Care. We will answer all of your senior care questions. Call today: (832)271-1600.

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