Health and Diet Information for the Elderly

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When you look up dietary recommendations for the elderly, a lot of information is likely to come up. It is important to follow professional guidelines for senior citizens. The health and diet information that you may need to know to help your elderly loved one includes activity levels, health protection, and dietary needs. This guide is going to give you a general overview of what health and diet changes your elderly loved one may need to make.

Protecting Their Bones

As your elderly loved one ages, their bones are likely going to weaken. This can lead to mineral loss and decreased mobility. However, if you or 24-hour home care providers can help your elderly loved one get enough calcium and Vitamin D, it could prevent osteoporosis and other bone health problems. Some of the best foods that can help your elderly loved one to get what they need include juice, nonfat powdered milk, whole wheat cereal, and other calcium-filled foods and drinks.

Boosting Energy

How is your elderly loved one’s energy? Many senior citizens don’t have much energy. Their energy may become even more depleted as they get older. However, you and home care providers can help boost your loved one’s energy levels. You just need to make sure they are getting enough Vitamin B12. This vitamin can also improve bowel functions, heart functions, and bone strength. Some of the foods that your elderly loved one should eat to get more of this vitamin include fortified cereal, red meat, sardines, yogurt, mackerel, and beef liver. All these foods can help your elderly loved one to feel less tired.

Increasing Fiber Intake

Your elderly loved one needs to get enough fiber every day, as well. Research shows that fiber can help with the management of Type 2 diabetes, digestion issues, high cholesterol, weight loss, and other health issues. Some of the foods that can increase your elderly loved one’s fiber intake include vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grains, and beans. If needed, you can hire 24-hour home care providers to make meals for your elderly loved one that have these foods in them.


There is a lot of health and diet information out there for elderly people. If you are providing any care for your elderly loved one, hopefully, the information you found here today can help you to create a better diet plan for them. If you need, you can always have an elder care provider take your loved one to see a nutritionist. The nutritionist can give more advice or recommendations on what your elderly loved one should eat on a daily basis.


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