One of the best assets that winning teams have, no matter whether you’re talking about a sports team that competes at a high level or a corporate team that works toward a common goal of being the best in the business, one of the most essential assets to success is communication. This holds true for a senior care team as well.

Think about this for a moment. It might be difficult to understand this if you never played competitively on a sports team, or even an individual sport like tennis, but they offer some of the best insight into this aspect. What is the one thing that coaches talk about when you’re at a time out or after the game? Communication. “Why weren’t you talking to one another out there?” Or, “You need to let your teammate know you’re open, or that he has someone on him.” Even for an individual sport, how would you learn to get better if your coach never told you anything that he or she observed you doing wrong?

Communication is an essential part of putting together a winning team. Of course, right about now you could be wondering what any of this could have to do with senior care.

Are you part of a senior care team?

Even if you have an elderly loved one who is receiving any type of care, whether at home, at a physical therapist’s office, or even in the hospital, you are, whether you realize it or not. That is, if you care about the outcome, you are.

And that means that communication is essential. The senior health care services need to be able to tell you and your loved one what is going on, what to expect, and if any changes are going to occur. You also need to be able to ask questions and raise concerns if you or your loved one have them.

You can’t sit back and expect things to change (if you believe that something needs to be changed) if you don’t communicate. Even when things are going well, communication is paramount to success.

You and your loved one need to accept that you’re part of a team and that the only way that team situations work to their best effect is through effective communication. In order to begin to effectively communicate with your senior care team, the best first step is to ensure that the lines of communication (phone, email, in person, etc.) are open. When you do that, you break down barriers that are commonly in the way of positive communication.

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