How Do You Prepare to Manage Your Senior’s Health Conditions During a Severe Weather Emergency?

Senior Care in West Memorial TX: Caring for a Senior During a Weather Emergency

Senior Care in West Memorial TX: Caring for a Senior During a Weather Emergency

You never want to think about your elderly parent being in danger, but as a family caregiver it is critical that you prepare yourself for potential risks and dangers so that you are able to give your loved one the level of care and assistance that they need during this time so that they can get through it in the best way possible. One such situation is a severe weather emergency. While there are steps that everyone should take to get ready for such an emergency, if your aging parent suffers from particular health challenges or concerns, extra preparation is needed to ensure that they are able to get through this situation in the best way possible.

Use these tips to help you prepare to continue managing your senior’s health challenges and concerns during a weather emergency:

• Encourage your senior to wear medical alert jewelry so that anyone who helps them will know about their health problems
• Ensure that your parent has a first aid kit and any over-the-counter medications that they might need in their emergency kit
• Talk to their doctor about the prescription medications that they take and ask how they should manage not being able to refill a prescription during an emergency, and how they should ensure that they stay compliant with their prescriptions during this situation
• Ask for additional copies of their prescriptions and store them in a waterproof package in their emergency kit so that you can replace medications after the emergency if needed
• If your parent requires electricity to manage their health condition, ensure that they have contacted the utility company to bring their attention to this need, and that they are aware of more than one medical emergency or treatment center in the area where they can go if they lose power
• Ensure all members of your parent’s care network are aware of your parent’s health issues and the types of treatments and care that they need
• Give someone in the care network a key to your parent’s home and let them know where to find supplies such as your parent’s emergency kit and medical equipment so that they can access it if your parent needs to leave the home

If you have been looking for ways to help your parent achieve and maintain a higher quality of life throughout their later years, or feel that your caregiver efforts are not fulfilling their care needs in the way that they deserve, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting senior care for them. A senior home care services provider can be there with your elderly parent on a fully customized schedule that ensures that they will get all of the care, support, and assistance that they need, while also keeping you at the forefront of their care. In your role as their family caregiver, this can give you confidence that any care gaps that exist in the efforts that you give them will be filled effectively and that your parent will be able to stay happy, healthy, active, and engaged as they age in place.

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