Learn How to Start Reducing the Risk of a Stroke

Elder Care in West Memorial TX

Elder Care in West Memorial TX

If you are worried that your elderly loved one has a high risk of a stroke, there are many tips that can help to reduce their risk. You can start by encouraging your elderly loved one to use the tips noted below. If they do these things, it will also help them to improve their overall health. which can prevent or lower the risk of other health issues, too.

Healthy Eating

One way that research shows to reduce the risk of a stroke is healthy eating. How does our elderly loved one usually eat at this time? If they are an overeater, you should encourage them to eat slower and eat smaller portions. Do they eat a lot of junk food? If so, you should encourage them to replace those foods with vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and whole grains. Your elderly loved one should also lower their intake of sugar and sodium. If needed, you or an elder care provider can prep your elderly loved one’s meals with the healthier foods.

Weight Management

Research shows that people who are overweight are more likely to have a stroke than those who are at a healthier weight. Your elderly loved one can lower their risk of a stroke by managing a healthy weight. If they are currently overweight, you or an elder care provider should help them stick to an exercise schedule. The schedule should include regular walks, planks, and maybe a series of workout videos.

No Smoking

Another way to reduce the risk of a stroke is by not smoking. Studies show that people who smoke have double the risk of having strokes than those who don’t smoke. If your elderly loved one is currently a smoker, you should encourage them to quit. There are numerous programs, products, and resources that can help people with nicotine cessation. The sooner your elderly loved one quits smoking, the sooner they can lower their risk of having a stroke.

Stress Management

Stress is something that can lead to a stroke. Some people are chronically stressed. When this happens, the bloodflow to the brain is affected. If your elderly loved one is stressed a lot, you or a home care provider should work with them to manage their stress. Some ways this can be done are through talking, journaling, exercising, eating right, and socializing.


Does your elderly loved one have a high risk for having a stroke? If so, make sure they start using the tips above to reduce their risk of a stroke. If needed, you and elder care providers can help them to implement the tips mentioned here today.


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