What Do Family Caregivers Need to Know About Allergies and Asthma in Seniors?

Personal Care at Home in Katy TX

Personal Care at Home in Katy TX

As a family caregiver, there are certain health conditions that you may need to know about in senior citizens. Two conditions that often arise in the elderly population are allergies and asthma. Some elderly people have had these issues most of their life. Other elderly people develop these conditions now that they are older. Either way, there are some things that you and other family caregivers may want or need to know about allergies and asthma in senior citizens.

Allergies and Senior Citizens

There are so many things that senior citizens are commonly allergic to. For most elderly people, allergies generally peak in the springtime. Grass, pollen, and other environmental allergies may show up. There are irritants that can arise during other times of the year, as well, such as when the leaves fall in the autumn.

It is vital to mention that if someone’s immune system is weak, allergy flare-ups are likely to be more severe. Keep this in mind if your elderly loved one has a weak immune system. If they do develop allergies or have flare-ups, it may be a good idea to get them personal care at home services. The home care providers can take your elderly loved one to see a doctor or to the hospital if their symptoms are too bad.

Allergy Symptoms

There are also some common allergy symptoms that many senior citizens face. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes, mouth, and skin
  • Fatigue
  • Congestion

If your elderly loved one doesn’t have an allergy diagnosis yet, the doctor may want to test them for multiple illnesses including COVID-19. If they do get diagnosed with allergies, there are numerous treatments that can possibly help your elderly loved one to feel better. If they are put on any medications to treat their allergies, you or a personal care at home provider can remind them to take their medications. That way, they can hopefully prevent more allergy flare-ups.

Allergies and Asthma

There are also links that are common between allergies and asthma. This is something to keep in mind as you or personal care at home providers are around your elderly loved one. If you notice the following symptoms, your elderly loved one could also have asthma. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Persistent, dry cough
  • Pressure or tightness in the chest
  • Wheezing or whistling in the nose
  • Short of breath
  • Issues breathing

Sometimes, asthma attacks can be dangerous. If your elderly loved one seems to be struggling, make sure you or a personal care at home provider get them the medical attention they need.


These are some of the things that family caregivers may need to or want to know about allergies and asthma in senior citizens. Now that you know these facts, you can help to ensure your elderly loved one is getting the allergy and/or asthma treatment or care they need.


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