Is It Time For Your Mom to Have In-Home Care?

In-Home Care in River Oaks TX

In-Home Care in River Oaks TX

It’s always been your mom’s goal to age in place, but she’s recovering from a stroke. She’s regained strength, but she needs a walker. You want to keep her in her home, but is it possible?

In-home care is a service designed to support older adults who want to age at home. Here are some of the different ways caregivers help your mom maintain her independence.


While she needs the walker to move around, it makes it hard for your mom to do certain things. Getting on and off the toilet is difficult. Getting out of bed is hard. Walking long distances is impossible.

Your mom’s caregiver can help her move around the home. If your mom needs to go to an appointment, her caregiver can help her on any steps or curbs and in and out of the car.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Keeping her home clean is not possible anymore. Instead, your mom can have a caregiver help out. Her in-home care aide can vacuum, dust, wash dishes, and put items away when they’re not being used.

Your mom’s caregiver can change the sheets, make the bed, and do all of the laundry. This is especially important if your mom has a basement laundry room that’s impossible for your mom to reach. When everything is washed and dried, her caregiver can fold, iron, hang, and put items away.

Meal Preparation

Each week, your mom can talk to her caregiver about the meals she’d like to eat. Her caregiver can take her shopping or do the shopping for her. Groceries are put away before they spoil, and her caregiver will prepare meals and snacks when it’s time.

Your mom has a caregiver to join her while she eats her meal. After the meal, her caregiver washes the dishes and cleans up the kitchen.

Medication Reminders

After a stroke, your mom’s doctor will prescribe medications like blood thinners and blood pressure medications. She cannot skip pills without risking her health. If she’s not likely to remember, she needs to have someone offering medication reminders.


Your mom isn’t allowed to drive until she gets medical clearance. She needs someone to run errands for her or bring her to her appointments, area stores, and other businesses. After she’s done, she needs help getting back into the car and into her house once they’re home. Caregivers can do that.

Ask your mom’s medical team and therapists about your mom’s care needs. There’s a chance she’ll keep improving and need less care as time goes by. It’s fine if this happens as in-home care services adapt to your mom’s changing needs.

If she needs fewer visits, you can reduce them. If she needs additional services from her in-home care aide, that’s possible. Work with an advisor to build a care plan that serves her now and is easily adjusted in the future.

If you are considering in-home care in River Oaks, TX for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at At Your Side Home Care. We will answer all of your senior care questions. Call today: (832) 271-1600.

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