How Does In-Home Care Help With Alzheimer’s?

In-Home Care in Memorial TX

In-home care is an essential service for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease. You may plan to provide the care your mom needs, but it can become a physical and emotional strain. Family caregivers often overlook the benefits of hiring professional caregivers.

Have you considered all of the benefits of in-home care? Check out the different ways caregivers can help out.


Cleaning may not get done properly as your mom’s cognitive skills progress. She’s wiped down that area of the counter five times already, but she can’t remember doing it. While she’s busy repeatedly cleaning that area, she’s forgetting all about the stove, sinks, and carpets.

In-home care aides can help out. Your mom has a caregiver to guide her from one task to the next and fill in where needed to ensure everything is cleaned.

Caregivers can also do the laundry. Your mom is good about washing clothes, but she forgets to move them to the dryer. By the time you stop by, the wet laundry has sat too long and needs to be washed again.

Meal Preparation

When a person with dementia tries to cook a meal, it’s easy to get started and then forget there’s something in the oven or on the stove. Kitchen fires don’t take long to start and quickly get out of control.

It’s a good idea to shut off power or gas to the stove to prevent this type of accident. Instead, your mom can have a caregiver around to help her cook meals and prepare snacks.

Personal Care

Your mom’s ability to dress in proper attire will slowly disappear. In the middle of the summer, you find she wants to wear a heavy winter sweater, boots, and jeans. In the winter, she often puts on a t-shirt and yoga pants.

That’s one aspect of personal care services that benefits your mom. Alzheimer’s care services also help with bathing, oral care, skincare, and hair care.


From medication reminders to guidance in getting ready for appointments, caregivers are great for helping your mom keep track of upcoming events. Her caregivers can remind her to take her medications, order refills when she’s running low, and keep track of upcoming appointments.

You might want to have the caregiver organize mail and set up reminders when bills are due. You’ll see the reminder and be able to go in and pay it for your mom.


Schedule in-home care services when your mom’s doctor tells her to stop driving. She needs help getting to stores, medical appointments, and other locations. Her in-home care aides help her with that.

Arrange in-home care as soon as you feel your mom needs a helping hand. If you wait until the disease progresses too far, be aware that the adjustment will be harder for her. In the early stages, she’ll still be able to familiarize herself with someone new. That diminishes in the moderate and late stages of the disease.

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