5 Ways Seniors Can Beat The Heat At Home

Record-breaking heat is becoming a normal part of summer all over the country. And that heat is sticking around longer than it used to in many places. Everyone can be impacted by the heat, but seniors are especially vulnerable to heat related illnesses. Seniors are more likely to have chronic health conditions that can be made worse by heat and humidity. And seniors are more likely to be taking medications that can make it difficult to regulate their body temperature or sweating.

That’s why staying cool is critically important for seniors. If your senior loved one doesn’t have air conditioning in their home the heat can cause them to get very sick very fast. Experts recommend seniors and their families try these

5 things to help seniors that are aging in place beat the heat:

Use Swamp Coolers

If your senior loved one doesn’t have central air conditioning in their home and can’t afford to have central air put in using swamp coolers is a budget friendly way to cool the air. You can buy swamp coolers at any home improvement store and set them up in your senior parent’s bedroom, the living room, or any room where they spend a lot of time. The coolers do need cold water or ice in order to work so a senior home care provider can be a big help making sure that the coolers are chilled and working properly.

Put In Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners can be a little expensive, but they are less expensive than installing central air and they do a great job cooling off rooms. Even if you just put a window air conditioner in your senior parent’s bedroom so that they can have one cool room to be in during the day and have cool air to help them sleep at night that can help your senior parent stay safe and cool in the summer heat. If you have never installed a window air conditioner don’t worry, they are very easy to install.

Go Someplace Cool Each Day

Seniors can also enjoy the cool air at the movie theater, the museum, a store, a café, or at the shopping mall. A senior home care provider can take your loved one to a cooling center or any other place that has air conditioning so that they can spend a few hours in the chilly air to keep from becoming overheated. Walking through the cool mall or walking around a shop can also be a good way for you senior loved one to get some exercise.

Drink Cool Water Throughout The Day

Drinking cool water or unsweetened tea throughout the day will keep your senior loved one hydrated and help them stay cool. Dehydration can cause big health problems for seniors and in periods of extreme heat they are more likely to become dehydrated. The best thing for seniors to drink to stay cool is cool water, but they can also have sparkling water, juice, iced tea, and other beverages as long as they don’t have sugar or caffeine.

Get Errands Done Early

Seniors who need to go out to appointments, to shop, or to run errands should do their errands as early in the day as they can. The heat and humidity won’t become really dangerous until later morning and into the late afternoon. So getting errands and shopping done in the early morning will relieve seniors of having to go out in the hottest parts of the day.


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