Five Reasons an Exercise Routine Is Good for Your Senior

24-Hour Home Care in West Houston TX

24-Hour Home Care in West Houston TX

As long as your senior has been cleared to exercise, then starting a regular exercise routine can offer some serious benefits for her. Here are just a few of the ways that moving more often and consistently can help your elderly family member.

Moving Is Good for the Brain

Exercise helps to do so much for your senior’s body, but it’s also fantastic for her brain. As the blood flows better throughout her body, your senior also experiences better blood flow, and therefore oxygen levels, in her brain. This all helps your senior’s brain to get more of the nutrients it needs in order to be healthy.

Exercise Improves Bone Health

Your senior’s body loses muscle tone as she ages, but her bone health also changes. Exercise on a regular basis, particularly weight-bearing exercise, helps to strengthen your senior’s bones. If she’s got a family history of osteoporosis or other bone ailments, regular exercise can help her to reduce the impact on her health.

Heart Health Improves

One of the specific health benefits your senior might be interested in includes improving your senior’s heart health. If your aging family member already has a family or personal history of cardiac health problems, her doctor may recommend exercise to help. Exercise can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, both of which can be key to improving heart health.

Exercise Could Reduce Fall Risk

When your elderly family member engages in regular exercise, she’s able to improve her strength, her balance, and her flexibility. All of this helps her to reduce her fall risk. Once your elderly family member experiences one fall, she’s twice as likely to fall again. Getting into a regular exercise plan can help her to avoid that statistic.

It Also Reduces Stress

Stress is extremely common for older adults, whether they’re worried about health concerns, how they’re going to keep living the life they want, or burdening family members. Exercise helps to reduce stress by releasing hormones and other brain chemicals that relieve stress. Other solutions can also help with reducing stress levels, like bringing in 24-hour home care services. Elder care providers offer companionship, and they can take on some of the load of daily tasks.

24-hour home care can help your senior to get into an exercise routine. They can support your senior, help her to remember to move more, and make sure that she’s able to conserve her energy for doing the things she wants to do, including exercise.

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