Wellderly Day, or Well-Elderly Day, is a yearly holiday devoted to the wellness of the elderly people in your life. In 2021 Wellderly Day falls on March 15th, so it’s a good time to start looking at overall wellness plans for your senior.

Assess Your Senior’s Current Needs

Sit down with your senior and find out what she most needs and wants right now. This can help you to determine if there’s anything that you can do to improve her wellness. For instance, some daily routines might be getting more difficult for her, and elderly care providers can help. That’s a small tool you can add to her routine that can make a big difference.

Help Her to Make Excellent Dietary Choices

What’s your senior’s current diet like? It’s really easy to get bored with meals and even to just rely on things that taste good and are easy to make, like pre-packaged foods. But a steady diet of microwave meals isn’t going to give your senior the nutrients she truly needs. Revamping her diet might take a little more time.

Talk to Her about Exercise

Has your senior’s doctor mentioned exercise? Always get the go ahead from her doctor first, but it might be time to look at ways to add more movement into your senior’s everyday life. Starting out with a gentle, simple routine at first helps her to grow and adjust as she gains strength and stamina. An elderly care provider can help your senior loved one to implement a doctor-prescribed exercise plan and ensure they stick with it.

Ask about Her Future Goals

If you and your elderly family member haven’t already talked about her future goals, now might be a good time to do just that. Does she want to age in place, or does she want to consider other options? No matter what her goals are, if you don’t know them, you’re not able to help her to prepare.

Put Plans in Place Now to Support Mental Health

Your senior’s mental health is a huge part of her overall wellness. You may need to look at whether she’s getting what she needs in terms of both mental stimulation and socialization. Both help her to have outlets that she needs for overall positive mental health.

There are so many different ways for you as your senior’s family caregiver to help support her wellness. It doesn’t all have to be implemented in one day, either. Take the time to work out a plan with your senior and you can reassess after a few months and see what’s working and what isn’t.

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