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Over time your senior may start to feel as if she just doesn’t have the energy to do the things that she loves anymore. That can lead to some feelings that she doesn’t like and maybe even depression. Figuring out an answer is important.

Talk to Her Doctor

It’s possible that there might be something your senior can do about her energy levels. Talking to her doctor gives your senior a way to determine if this means her health is changing or if it’s something that is just her new normal. Her doctor might have some ideas that help.

Encourage Her to Drink Water

One reason aging adults feel a little more run down is because they’re slightly dehydrated. Your senior’s doctor can tell her how much water she should be drinking on a daily basis, which gives her a goal to shoot for every day. If she tries to overdo it right out of the gate, she’s less likely to stick with her goal. It’s much better to drink a little more water every day. A caregiver can also remind your senior throughout the day to drink more water and prepare healthy meals that also provide hydration.

Consider an Exercise Plan

Something else to talk to your senior’s doctor about is whether she should be exercising more or not. If there are health reasons for your senior not to exercise, she needs to know those. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to ramp up exercise slowly, just like water intake. This helps your senior to get moving and to be able to stick with that new movement plan.

Check Her Sleep Habits

If your aging family member isn’t sleeping well at night, that also affects her energy levels. Talk to your senior about what gets in the way of her sleeping well. If there are things you can help her to adjust, like keeping her room cooler or getting a new mattress, give it a try. Other problems could include medication side effects or health issues, so talk to her doctor.

Remind Her Comparison Doesn’t Help

Is your senior a victim of comparison syndrome? If she is comparing herself to other people or to her younger self, that is going to create issues for her. It’s possible that she just needs to let herself rest more, which is where hiring a caregiver can help. A caregiver can take over tasks that have become difficult and allow your senior to conserve more of her energy for the things she wants to do.

Managing energy levels can get more complicated for your senior as she grows older. Having a plan for correcting what she can correct makes a big difference for her.

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