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How to Help a Grieving Senior

Home Care in Bay City TX
Home Care in Bay City TX

Understanding how to help a grieving parent can be challenging because you may not know what type of support they need. As seniors age in place they are more likely to lose people they love like family members, spouses, and friends. It’s important that they have support during this time and even more help around the house like from home care or family members. Here are some of the best ways to support a senior when they have just lost someone.

Witness Their Pain

When someone dies, no matter who they are, it is hard to navigate. This is not something that you as an adult child will be able to fix. You need to sit and witness their pain and allow them to grieve in a safe environment. It is okay for them to need to cry and feel the pain and it is okay for you to witness it. Sometimes just to have someone there who is seeing the situation is all that is needed to ensure they feel supported. Keep in mind that if you have lost the same person, this is a task that home care may be able to help with. They can help be the support for the family when things get hard.

Listen To Them

If a senior wants to talk about their loss or how they are feeling, the best thing you or home care can do is listen. This is the time to share memories together, think about happy times, and let them be open with their loss. It is an easy way to give support and they may allow you to share stories of the one who has passed away as well. Be sure to tell them that it is okay to need support and it is okay to feel whatever it is they are feeling. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to feelings.

Ensure Household Things Are Taken Care Of

If your loved one needs more help during the time they are grieving, your family should look into home care. You can offer to do the basic things around the house for them, but they may need more help than that. If they need help with bathing, eating, getting dressed and other things, this is the best time to find the right home care provider. This will help them limit stress and focus on feeling more mentally healthy after a loss.

Follow a Seniors Lead

You need to pay attention to how your senior is feeling and follow their lead. If they want to chat, sit down and talk, if they need space, give them that. It is important to not put pressure on this relationship because they may end up feeling more sad and even anxious. They may feel like they should be feeling a certain way and it could hinder how well they bounce back from this loss.

Keep Important Dates In Mind

If your senior mom or dad has just loss their spouse, they may feel at a loss when it comes to the calendar. They may have never done anything on their own. Keep track of important dates and show up for your senior. This will help make the loss easier and they will know they have a support system.

If you are considering home care in Bay City, TX for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at At Your Side Home Care. We will answer all of your senior care questions. Call today: (832) 271-1600.

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