Can Your Senior Boost Her Energy Levels?

Elder Care in Katy TX

Lack of energy can rob your senior of quite a bit of her quality of life. There might be some answers that can help her, however, and they’re all worth trying out.

Look at Her Sleep Habits

If your elderly family member isn’t getting restful sleep in the quantities that she needs, that’s going to impact her energy levels overall. Looking more closely at her sleep hygiene and whether there’s anything there that she can adjust can make a huge difference. You’re checking for things like consistent sleep and wake times, a comfortable sleep environment, and sleeping only at night.

Talk to Her Doctor about Exercise

Lack of energy, especially if it’s a sudden problem, is something that your senior should definitely bring up with her doctor. There can be a variety of causes, so it’s important to get the full picture. One of the things that she should talk with her doctor about is whether she’s okay to exercise. Even a little bit of extra movement strengthens your senior’s body, helps her to sleep better, and releases hormones that help to boost your senior’s energy levels.

And Check Her Diet

What is your elderly family member eating? If she’s leaning on a diet of highly processed foods, that’s not doing her body or her energy levels any good. A diet of whole foods is far healthier, but it can be much tougher for her to stick with that on her own. Finding solutions to roadblocks helps. For instance, elder care providers can take over the cooking duties, freeing up your senior to just enjoy the meal.

Conserving Energy May Be Exactly What She Needs

Which brings up another answer, which is helping your elderly family member to save the energy that she does have for where she really needs it. That’s another area that elder care providers can help her to manage. Home care providers can take over routine daily tasks that require a lot of effort from your senior. That leaves her able to rest and to do the things that she needs to do with the energy that she has. She’ll automatically feel as if she’s got more energy because she’s better able to allocate what she’s got.

Energy management might be the tool that your senior most needs right now, and there are lots of ways that you can continue to help her to manage her energy.

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