Bath Safety Tips For Seniors

Senior Home Care in West Memorial TX

Senior Home Care in West Memorial TX

Fall injuries are the most common injuries that happen to seniors, and 80% of the falls that happen to seniors happen in the bathroom. January is National Bath Safety Month so it’s the ideal time to find new ways to help your senior loved ones prevent bathroom falls. Seniors that are aging in place need to take some extra steps to stay safe while bathing because in most cases their homes haven’t been adapted as they get older. You can help your senior loved ones by implementing some of these bathroom safety ideas:

Get A Senior Home Care Provider

Many seniors are embarrassed to talk to their children when they are having trouble keeping up with bathing or personal care. If you notice that your senior loved ones are bathing less frequently, look more unkempt than usual, are wearing the same clothes often, or seem like they are not shaving or keeping up their personal care you should gently start a conversation about it. A senior home care provider is often a great solution to the problem. Your senior loved one will have someone reliable they can trust to help with their bathing and personal care and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your senior loved ones are safe when they are bathing and getting dressed.

Upgrade The Bathroom

When was the last time your senior loved one’s bathroom had an upgrade? If it’s been awhile then you can help your senior parents stay safer by upgrading the bathroom. Install grab bars in strategic spots so that your senior loved one have something to hang onto when they need it. Put in a hand held shower to make it easier for them to clean up. And install touchless faucets that turn on and off when your senior loved one waves a hand under them so that your senior loved ones won’t struggle to turn on the faucet or forget to turn it off.

Redo The Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floors are notorious for causing senior slip and fall accidents. Often they get wet while seniors are bathing and even if they are dry they can be slippery. One way to help prevent falls in the bathroom is to put in a no-slip floor made with vinyl that has abrasions on it that help prevent falls. You can also apply a no-slip coating to the existing tile floor if a new floor isn’t in the budget.

Install A Walk In Tub

A walk in tub that your senior loved one can get in and out of without having to fold themselves up and lower themselves down into can significantly lower the risk of a bathtub fall. If your senior loved ones are planning on aging in place then investing in a walk in tub for at least one of the main floor bathrooms is a smart way to ensure that your senior loved ones can bathe safely. A walk in tub will also make it easier for a senior home care provider to help your senior loved ones bathe.


Stats Show Bathroom Slips And Falls Are Top Causes Of Injuries For The Elderly

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