How Well Is Your Senior Able to Care for Herself?

Home Care Assistance in Spring Branch TX

Home Care Assistance in Spring Branch TX

Self-care Awareness Month occurs every September and it’s an opportunity for you and your senior to talk a little bit about what might be getting more difficult for her. If your senior is having more trouble caring for herself than she used to have, there are solutions that you can put in place together.

Is She Eating Regularly?

Talk to your senior about whether it’s difficult or not for her to prepare meals. Skipping meals can lead to big health consequences, particularly if she takes medications that need to be taken with food. Issues with blood sugar and other health issues can also get worse if your elderly family member isn’t eating healthy meals at regular intervals.

How’s Her Sleep Quality?

It’s also important to assess how well your senior is sleeping. If she’s not getting quality sleep, that can affect memory and concentration, which can lead to concerns about cognitive health. Paying close attention to sleep hygiene can be a simple way to address sleep quality issues. If that doesn’t help, though, your senior may need to talk to her doctor about what she’s experiencing to rule out other causes.

Is She Having Mobility Trouble?

Mobility is a huge consideration in terms of self-care because often seniors who start to have mobility concerns become less active and their mobility issues get worse. That leaves your senior vulnerable to falls and to other issues. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether exercise is an option for her. Starting with physical therapy may be a good idea if her mobility is seriously hindered.

Could Having Help Make Her Life More Enjoyable?

The big question to talk to your senior about is whether she’s open to having more help, even if it’s only occasionally. Home care assistance can make a huge difference in your senior’s life. Elder care providers can assist with meal preparation, tasks around the house, and so much more that can improve your senior’s quality of life. Having help from home care assistance doesn’t mean that your elderly family member isn’t able to take care of herself. This type of help simply makes it easier for her to focus on self-care.

Self-care is a crucial metric to assess when you’re considering how your senior’ is doing. It’s also an important way to gauge whether she’s on target for some of her goals, like aging in place rather than having to leave her home for another living situation.

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