Mental Health Matters for Senior Citizens: Here Are Tips to Help

Home Care in Houston TX

Home Care in Houston TX

With everything that is going on in this world, there is no question as to why the mental health of millions of people is suffering. Unfortunately, some people don’t know where to turn or how to get help. In fact, there are many senior citizens who are struggling with mental health issues and just need someone to guide them into getting the help they need. There are some tips to help your elderly loved one to improve their mental health.

Reducing Stress

One of the primary mental health issues that many senior citizens face is high stress levels. There are numerous reasons for this stress including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Not working anymore
  • Limited financial means
  • Being home alone a lot of the time
  • Not getting the transportation they need
  • Reduced social contact
  • More health issues

If your elderly loved one is experiencing high stress levels, it is important to make sure they know you are there for them. If needed, you or a home care provider can even take them to therapy or to see their doctor for treatments to lower their stress.

Sleep Quality

One aspect of mental health issues is lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. The good news is there are many tips that can help people to get better sleep. If your elderly loved one is currently not sleeping well, some of the tips that you can share with them include:

  • Setting up and sticking to a sleep schedule
  • Initiating better habits before bed (no electronics and scheduling some relaxation time before going to sleep)
  • Limiting caffeine throughout the day
  • Taking a hot shower before bed (if that relaxes them)

If your elderly loved one can start getting better sleep, it can reduce the stress they experience during the day. In fact, studies show that people who get quality sleep often experience fewer mental health issues in general than those who have sleep problems.


Another common reason for mental health issues in the elderly is lack of socialization. If your elderly loved one isn’t socializing enough, there are some ways to help them with this including:

  • Driving them to see a friend
  • Hiring home care providers to spend time with them
  • Going to visit them as often as you can

These are just some of the ideas of how your elderly loved one can spend more time with people. By doing this, hopefully, your elderly loved one will start feeling happier and more in control of their emotions.


Is your elderly loved one experiencing mental health issues? Maybe, they are just trying to prevent these types of issues. Either way, hopefully, the tips that are noted here today can help them to work through any mental health issues they are having or could have.



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