French researchers believe that diet sodas are just as unhealthy as their cousins made with corn syrup or sugar. The study specifically looked at diet sodas and beverages and their impact on heart health. Both diet soda drinkers and non-diet soda drinkers seemed to have an equal risk of developing heart disease.

You’ve been suggesting that your dad stop drinking soda. He’s struggling as nothing he’s found is as appealing to him. He may not find it as easy to make something as it is to open a can or bottle. How do you get him to embrace healthier options?

Keep Cold Brew Coffee Stocked

If your dad likes coffee, make cold brew coffee using decaf coffee. To make it, you mix water and coffee grounds in a French press or large container.

Let it sit for a day or two. Strain the grounds out using cheesecloth and move the coffee to another container. If you used a French press, simply press the plunger down. Return the coffee to the refrigerator. Have him drink that instead of soda.

Invest in a Soda Maker

Invest in a machine like the Soda Stream. It carbonates the water, but you decide what goes into that water. He may not want to drink seltzer, but you can make your own soda syrups using natural sweeteners like honey or condensed fruit syrups.

Boil down apple cider to make a syrup that creates apple sodas. Cherry juice is another juice that boils down into a syrup you can use for homemade sodas.

Mix Fruit Juice and Seltzer

Natural fruit juice still has natural fruit sugars. You can reduce the amount your dad drinks by mixing fruit juice with seltzer. As you make his drinks, start with a higher percentage of fruit juice and reduce it over time.

Keep Fruit Water in the Refrigerator

Look into pitchers that have a fruit infuser in the center. Place slices of lemons, limes, oranges, and other flavorful fruit into the center filter. Add water and let it sit overnight. While it won’t be sweet, the water will be full of flavor.

Is your dad staying hydrated as he kicks his soda habit? Line up bottles of juices, infused water, or cold brew coffee for him to grab and go. If it’s easy, he’s more likely to use it.

Caregivers can monitor how much he drinks each day. Let caregivers also keep him active. If he’s busy going for walks, enjoying visits from his new friend and helper, or going out to stores and restaurants with his caregiver, he’s going to move his attention from the soda he wants to the fun he’s having.


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