How Companion Care at Home Supports Seniors After A Loss

Companion Care at Home in Katy TX

Companion Care at Home in Katy TX

Seniors who lose a spouse, a relative they were close to, or a very good friend often have trouble managing their grief. Losing someone that was close to them can make seniors fear their own mortality. And losing a spouse that they have been married to for a long time can leave seniors feeling empty and lonely. Without their usual routine that involves talking to and being around their spouse, their friend, or their relative seniors can struggle to maintain good mental health.

Companion care at home can be a lifeline for seniors who are grieving a major loss. Often children of seniors have to work, take care of their families, and fulfill other responsibilities that don’t give them the time to be there to help a senior parent through their grief. And they may be grieving the loss in their own way, especially if they lost a parent. But visits from a companion care at home provider can give seniors the emotional support they need while also giving their children room for their own grief. A few of the ways that companion care at home can help seniors through the grieving process include:

Taking Care Of Household Duties

When a senior is grieving cleaning up, eating healthy meals, and shopping and running errands are usually the last things on their minds. They are trying to grapple with life changing loss and cleaning up after breakfast just isn’t a priority in most cases. Companions generally don’t do a lot of household work but they can help clean up dishes or make light meals or a cup of tea. They can make sure that the cupboards aren’t bare and let you know what your senior loved one needs you to get for them.


It’s very healthy for seniors to talk through their grief. Talking about their memories of the person they lost or talking about their feelings of grief can keep seniors connected to the world while they process their grief. Seniors who are afraid of the future and are struggling with their own mortality also can be comforted and soothed by having someone to talk with about their feelings. It can be difficult for seniors to talk about their own mortality with their children. But it may be easier for them to open up to a companion.

Encouraging Seniors To Get Out And Connect With People

Companion care at home can also get seniors to participate in life activities again. Getting out of the house to go for a walk, going to get some coffee or tea, or going to see a movie or a performance are all things that can help seniors get on with their lives after a loss. But seniors may not want to go alone to these activities, especially if the person they lost was someone they used to do activities with. A companion can help motivate and encourage seniors to go out again.

Helping Seniors Establish A New Routine

Companions can also help seniors establish new routines, which is a very important part of recovering from a major loss.

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