Home Care Services in Spring Valley, TX – Learning about the Different Types of Home Care Services Available

When it comes to home care services, it may be difficult to figure out what’s available for an elderly loved one. You want the best care for your aging mother or father, or other individual, but you also want the right care. There are numerous types of home care services that you could choose from, and not every senior requires them all.

The home care aide.

The most common type of home care services is an in-home care provider, or a home care aide. This is an individual who will come to the patient’s home and offer basic support services. This individual may be required to help the elderly patient get around the house, bathe, go to the bathroom, and other basic tasks.

When the average person talks about home care of any sort, this is usually the type of caregiver they have in mind. You could hire an in home care provider like this for just a couple of hours a day, once or twice a week or full-time, every day of the week, depending on the patient’s needs.

Visiting nurse.

You might have heard about visiting nurses. These are licensed nurses who will go to the patient’s home to provide basic medical support services, whether it has to do with administering medication, checking vital statistics, and other direct medical intervention.

Visiting nurses are optimal for patients with serious medical conditions, such as recovering stroke victims, heart attack patients, and those who are bedridden or who may be diagnosed with a serious medical ailment. Visiting nurses are not likely going to offer support in the manner that home care aides do (such as cleaning dishes, assisting with laundry, and so on).


There are numerous different types of therapists who work with all ages of patients. Many seniors may have a need for physical therapists, especially when recovering from surgery or other major health ailments. Stroke patients may need the services of a speech therapist or even an occupational therapist to relearn how to perform some basic tasks.

Live-in caregiver

You may also find that the services of a live-in caregiver are necessary. This would mean that the patient will have someone living with him or her and supporting them when they require it, day or night. This might be ideal for those who have difficulty getting out of bed and going to the bathroom, for example, or have other health issues in which they require assistance throughout the day.

This should give you a basic sense of what home care services are available and how they might help your elderly loved one.

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