It’s important that you get to learn what helps you to reduce stress. Because you’re a caregiver, you’re going to have plenty of opportunities to experience the toll that stress can take on your mind and your body. Having the tools you need to help yourself makes a world of difference.

Music, Television, or Movies that Speak to You

Media has a way of breaking through stress because it allows you to escape your present situation. Since your present situation is often highly stressed, that matters a great deal. Make sure you’ve got easy access to TV, music, or movies that you love and that give you those warm fuzzy feelings. They’ll be incredibly helpful the next time you’re wound too tightly.

Books You Love

Books offer escape, too, but for many people they’re a different type of escape than movies, music, and television. Electronic copies of books are easy to take with you anywhere, even if you’re bringing your entire library to the doctor’s waiting room with your senior. Remember that there are plenty of options for free reading materials, ranging from the library to periodic free offers from authors themselves.

Tools that Help You Create

For many people, being able to make something is incredibly helpful for dealing with stress. You don’t have to be good at art in order to enjoy it. Find an art form that you enjoy, even if that’s coloring with crayons, and dive on into it. Let yourself enjoy creating, no matter what form that takes.

Sleep Tools

Sleep might be the ultimate form of stress relief for you and that’s a wonderful thing. Sleep is an incredible way to recharge your body and your brain, so anything that helps you to sleep better is terrific. You might find that a sleep mask helps or that blackout curtains are your best friend. Some people find that a weighted blanket gives them the perfect pressure to lull them to sleep. Figure out what works for you.

Tasty Beverages

If hydration is more your thing, you’re in luck. Flavored waters, herbal teas, and more give you a chance to enjoy a little bit of a taste sensation while also hydrating. As important as hydration is for your senior, it’s just as important for you. It can also help you with stress.

Your stress relieving tools might look way different from anyone else’s and that’s perfectly okay. What really matters is that you’re working to reduce your stress levels at all.

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