What Are the Signs That Your Mom Needs Home Care Assistance?

Home Care Assistance in River Oaks TX

Home Care Assistance in River Oaks TX

How do you know when your mom is having a harder time living on her own? There are both subtle and clear signs. Here are the things you need to look for.

Her Personal Care and Grooming Are Going Ignored

You stop by to visit your mom and find she’s wearing the same outfit she’s worn all week. You don’t want to tell her, but she smells. And, her hair is incredibly greasy. You don’t think she’s showering at all, and she’s clearly not doing her laundry.

If your mom is no longer taking care of herself by taking a shower, washing her dirty clothes, or brushing/combing her hair, it’s time to find out why. She may have a more challenging time holding the items needed for proper grooming. It may be too hard for her to carry a laundry basket to the laundry room.

Caregivers can help her with personal care, grooming, and hygiene. They can also do the laundry, make sure everything is dry, iron it as requested, and put items away.

Her Diet is Worsening

The older she gets, the worse your mom’s diet becomes. She focuses on frozen dinners or quick meals from cans rather than cooking for herself. These meals are high in sodium and saturated fat, increasing her risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and other chronic health conditions.

She has a caregiver helping her with meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation with home care assistance services. Her caregiver can cook meals and prepare snacks and ensure your mom is eating well.

Is the Home Getting Cluttered?

If your mom’s home is getting cluttered, it’s time to ask why. She may have a harder time remembering where things go or putting them back where they belong. Caregivers can help her with organization and tidying up clutter.

She Can No Longer Drive

At her last eye exam, your mom’s eye doctor found that she has an eye condition like macular degeneration or cataracts that limit her vision. She’s been warned to stop driving at certain times of the day or at all. She doesn’t have to give up her freedom. She can have a caregiver drive her around.

Once you know what your mom needs for care, talk to a specialist to learn more about pricing and scheduling. With home care assistance services available each week, she enjoys her independence without risking her safety or well-being. Call a home care assistance agency to get started.

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