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Talking About Companion Care at Home with Your Senior

Companion Care at Home in Sugar Land TX
Companion Care at Home in Sugar Land TX

As seniors age, their needs change. It also becomes more difficult to do things that used to be so easy, like socializing with other people. One answer is companion care at home, but seniors may not fully understand what this entails or why it’s a service that can help them. Opening up the conversation about companion care the right way can make the conversation easier to have.

Initiating the Conversation

To start out, the conversation needs to address what family members are noticing as calmly and with as much sensitivity as possible. If there are a lot of distractions, pick a different time. It helps to have a list ready of various concerns and observations, but they need to be properly framed. For instance, seniors might be more isolated than they used to be, and that’s something that companion caregivers can help address.

Focusing on Benefits and Answers

The idea of meeting home care providers who are there for social engagement might be weird at first for some seniors. That means that family caregivers can get a lot farther if they lead with some of the benefits of companion care at home. Examples include that it’s easier for seniors to go places with the help of caregivers or that they’ll be less lonely when caregivers are there. Tailoring the benefits to the senior’s unique situation makes a big difference.

Respecting Autonomy

Trampling over a senior’s autonomy is a great way to get them to absolutely hate suggestions that might help. With that in mind, acknowledge whatever concerns seniors bring up regarding companion care at home. Let them know that they can set the schedule for visits, for instance. Offer as much flexibility as possible and extend a variety of different options to make companion care completely adaptable.

Addressing Reluctance

If seniors are still reluctant, talk about why. Sometimes the underlying reasons behind resistance are directly related to anxiety about meeting new people. Understanding what the reasons are allows family members to be gentle and to offer the right kind of support in overcoming those issues.

Offering Support

Once seniors do agree to give companion care at home a try, they still need some support along the way. It might take a little while to find the right combination of companion caregivers, for instance. Allowing seniors to know that they can have a say in which caregivers come visit can help quite a bit. Again, this comes down to allowing seniors to have as much choice as possible and to experience the control over the situation that is theirs. This shouldn’t be a situation that feels uncomfortable for them or that they dread.

Companion care at home can offer a great deal of emotional and mental health support to seniors. They may not need a lot of other types of help, but having someone to talk to or to engage in activities with can be a huge boost psychologically. Approaching the conversation properly is going to help seniors embrace the benefits more readily.

If you are considering companion care at home in Sugar Land, TX for an aging loved one, please call the caring staff at At Your Side Home Care. We will answer all of your senior care questions. Call today: (832) 271-1600.

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