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High-tech Ways to Provide Home Healthcare in Houston

High-tech Ways to Care For the Elderly
By Barbara Mahany

Home Healthcare Houston– Used to be, the phone or good neighbors were the best bets for keeping tabs on someone you love who’s elderly and living alone – especially if you lived too far to buzz over every day.

Now, a host of technological devices and Internet-based solutions are crowding the home healthcare landscape, making it more convenient, and less worrisome, to know that all is well with an aging relative or friend.

We talked to gerontology nurses and gerontologists to get the lowdown on what’s smart, what’s dignified, and what’s best avoided. Far more important than all the high-tech is the simple act of talking about it to make sure any high-tech monitoring is seen not as an invasion of privacy but rather a means of allowing a person to more safely live alone.

“Sometimes in our eagerness for safety, that whole aspect of a person’s autonomy – and dignity – is being trampled,” says nursing professor Margaret Bull, who specializes in elder care issues at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

“As much as possible, match what’s in that person’s comfort zone,” advises Dena Schulman-Green, a gerontologist at Yale University’s College of Nursing, who often opts for low-tech elder care solutions but certainly not always. “Some older adults are very into technology, and using such devices makes them feel part of the modern world and less of a burden to their kids.”

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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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