Key Things to Expect After a Stroke

Elder Care in River Oaks TX

Elder Care in River Oaks TX

In 40 seconds, an average of one person has a stroke. About 25% of those strokes are not the first. Almost four out of ten stroke patients were younger than 65. Worse, only 38% knew all of the signs of a stroke.

Your mom had a stroke, and your family is uncertain what to do next. Your mom wants to go home, but she needs a lot of support. Here are the key things to expect, and how you can plan for them.

Mobility Will Be Impaired

Depending on the area of the brain where the stroke occurred, your mom may not walk again. It may take months of therapy for her to regain mobility. If she needs a walker or wheelchair for the rest of her life, her home layout may need some changes.

What kind of home does your mom have? Is it possible to arrange one-level living? She’s going to need the main living areas on the level with a ground-floor entrance.

If she has a raised ranch, you may need to set up the lowest level with a kitchenette and bedroom, if there isn’t already one there. She needs a shower stall in the downstairs bathroom. If her home is a cape where the bedrooms are upstairs, is there room to move a bedroom to the main floor?

The bathroom needs to be equipped for easier bathing. A shower seat is ideal. A roll-in shower stall is best if a wheelchair is needed. Install a hand-held shower head that will help you or an elder care aide with washing her. Non-slip shower flooring is also important.

She May Be Unable to Speak

Your mom may not be able to speak. She’ll work with a speech therapist, but you need to be prepared to find other ways to communicate. Gestures, written notes, and hand signals are key to communicating while she rebuilds her speaking skills. Caregivers with experience in post-stroke care are also vital.

She’ll Take Medications to Prevent Another Stroke

There is a chance of another stroke. Your mom will take blood thinners to prevent that from happening. Make sure she takes them on time. Learn to recognize all of the signs of a stroke and know what actions to take if it happens.

Remember FAST! It stands for Face (drooping), Arms (sinking), Speech (slurred), and if those are present, Take (action) immediately. Call 9-11 or get your mom to the ER. The sooner she gets medications to break up the clot, the better it is for her.

Elder care services are a great support to your family after your mom’s stroke. Spend quality time with her, and let a caregiver help her with bathing and grooming, ambulation and incontinence, and feeding and meal prep. Call an elder care agency to get started.


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