Does Medicare or Health Insurance pay for in-home care?

Medicare and traditional health insurance only pay for “skilled care”, this means that the care must be ordered by a physician, must be medically necessary, and must be monitored by a health care professional. In the case of Medicare, the patient must also be home-bound and unable to run errands, or engage in activity outside […]

Home Healthcare Houston: The Good and Bad News About Aging in Place

The Good and Bad News About Aging in Place Howard Gleckman Government funding for programs to support aging in place was still growing through 2008, but much more slowly than in the past. At the same time, states were making it harder to enroll, limiting benefits, and forcing people to wait longer before they could […]

High-tech Ways to Provide Home Healthcare in Houston

High-tech Ways to Care For the Elderly By Barbara Mahany Home Healthcare Houston– Used to be, the phone or good neighbors were the best bets for keeping tabs on someone you love who’s elderly and living alone – especially if you lived too far to buzz over every day. Now, a host of technological devices […]

Home Healthcare Houston: Family Caregivers

Family Caregivers: “I Feel Good That I’m Able To Help” Written by Melissa Galvez What will happen to Mom when she can’t care for herself? Every year, millions of Americans join the ranks of family home healthcare caregivers to look after an aging parent, spouse or other relative. They take on several unpaid jobs they […]

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