Seven Ways 24-hour Home Care Helps Seniors with Progressive Illnesses

24-Hour Home Care in Sugar Land TX

Facing a progressive illness is incredibly difficult, especially for seniors. It is challenging both emotionally and physically. Seniors who want to age in place for as long as they can may worry that they won’t be able to do so if their health worsens. But 24-hour home care offers a solution that allows seniors the […]

The Importance of Maintaining Routines for Seniors at the End of Life

24-Hour Home Care in Katy TX

At the end of a senior’s life, depending on the circumstances, they may need extended help around the house. This may come in the form of 24-hour home care or even something more like hospice care. But what is hospice care? Hospice is a form of care that provides support and comfort to individuals nearing […]

10 Things Seniors Need To Age In Place Comfortably

24-Hour Home Care in Piney Point TX

The senior population is growing by leaps and bounds and more seniors than ever are planning on staying in their existing homes as they get older. Living independently has a lot of benefits for seniors. It can improve their physical and mental health and help them maintain the social connections they have built through the […]

24-Hour Home Care Provides an Ideal Way to Age in Place

24-Hour Home Care in The Heights TX

Some health conditions make it hard for an older adult to stay at home. When Alzheimer’s worsens, wandering and delusions are common. Sleep patterns change with some people. You might find your mom doesn’t sleep more than two hours a night. After a stroke, your mom cannot be alone. Someone needs to be available and […]

Six Ways 24-hour Home Care Can Help Seniors Who Have Vision Trouble

24-Hour Home Care in Houston TX

Many seniors find that as they age, vision problems become more severe. Cataracts, low vision, and eye illnesses that have no cure, like age-related macular degeneration, all limit a senior’s ability age in place the way that they might have planned. 24-hour home care providers offer assistance with activities of daily living, safety, fall prevention, […]

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