Stress is a part of life. Everyone feels stress, but too much of it can impact your physical health. You can’t avoid it. You can learn how to lower stress when things seem to be piling up. These tips can help you let go and kick stress to the curb.

Understand the Body’s Stress Response

The body is set up to handle stress through a fight or flight response. When your brain senses danger is near, adrenaline is released. This increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and increases how much sugar is sent into your blood for energy.

If you’re in a dangerous situation, adrenaline is essential. If your mind is just overwhelmed and kicks off a fight or flight response unnecessarily, it feels horrible. It’s this moment when you need to stop and slow the body’s response.

There are several ways to reduce fight or flight. Some find it helpful to take deep breaths through the nose and blow them out through the mouth. Some find that rocking or going outside in the fresh air helps. No matter what works for you, find what does and put it to use. Taking control of negative thoughts, meditation, clenching and releasing muscles, and doing math in the head are other options you can try.

Change Your Diet

Sometimes, the foods you eat do not help with stress. B vitamins can help reduce the body’s stress response. They help by keeping the nervous system functioning properly. They also help with the production of energy.

Make sure you’re picking foods that are rich in vitamin B. Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and dried beans are all good sources of B vitamins. Talk to your doctor to see if supplements may be worthwhile in your situation.

Do Things You Love Each Day

Leave time every day to do something you love. If you enjoy needlework, set aside an hour during the busiest part of your day and pull out whatever you’re working on. Crank up the music and dance or go for a walk.

Make sure you give yourself this hour to work on self-care. It can help release some of the pressure you’re feeling and keep stressful thoughts from taking over.

How do you have time to yourself when your parents can’t be left alone? The best solution to a busy day is by letting professional caregivers take over. Step aside and let caregivers do some of the tasks on your list. While caregivers are available, go out and do your own thing. Join friends for a drink, read a book, or go sit outside in the sun. Respite care is one of the best ways to keep stress from building up.

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