Senior Care in Memorial TX: Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Senior Care in Memorial TX: Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Medical conditions often affect the ability of older adults to get around. They may have difficulty walking and require assistive devices, like a cane or walker. They may even be confined to a wheelchair. Having limited mobility does not mean they cannot lead full, interesting, and happy lives. However, when a disability first occurs, seniors may find themselves with time on their hands that they don’t know how to fill. Old activities may no longer be possible. If your aging relative is bored or spending too much time just sitting around, here are some activities that they may enjoy.

Baking or Cooking

Try getting your older family member interested in baking or cooking. It can help to watch television shows that center around the subject, such as food competition shows. These may interest the senior in trying something new. Encourage them to find a recipe they’d like to try, then prepare it with them. A lot of steps in cooking and baking can be done sitting down, so it’s a hobby that is possible even for those in wheelchairs.

Senior care providers can help older adults to cook and bake by assisting with some of the steps that may be challenging because of mobility problems. They can lift heavy pans and dishes, reach items the senior can’t, and take things out of the oven.

Get Involved in a Charity

Finding ways to help others can give older adults a sense of purpose. Check into local charities and ask for ways a senior with mobility problems can help them. Some things your aging relative may be able to do are:

  • Knit hats for newborns and cancer patients.
  • Stuff envelopes for a charity organization.
  • Serve as a cashier at a non-profit thrift store.
  • Make dog and cat toys for a shelter or rescue.

Senior care providers can drive your aging relative to the place where they volunteer or help them deliver items they’ve made.

Research Family History

Seniors who enjoy an intellectual pursuit might like researching their family tree. There are lots of resources available online and through various organizations that can help them to learn about their ancestors.

Senior care providers can assist with researching family history by helping the older adult perform online searches and organize the information the find. If your loved one has vision problems, a senior care provider can help them to read small or difficult print on historical documents.

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