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Angry Outbursts and Elderly Care in Memorial, TX

People who are emotional may have a tendency for angry outbursts. When it comes to elderly care, dealing with outbursts may be commonplace. It all depends on the patient and his or her temperament, but how you deal with those angry outbursts can directly impact the quality of care you provide to the patient. Practice…

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Elderly Care in Memorial, TX: Night Pacing

An elderly person’s behavior can change radically due to dementia. They feel a flood of emotions such as confusion, frustration, anxiety and thinking they’re lost. Each individual handles these emotions in a different way; however there are a number of behaviors that are commonly found among those suffering from dementia. Common behaviors caused by dementia…

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Elderly Care in Memorial, TX: Staying Healthy

With September being National childhood obesity awareness month it’s a good reminder for us in elder care services about the importance of staying healthy. Good health is very dependent on what we eat, but it goes a lot farther than just our dietary intake. Here are some tips for avoiding obesity and feeling great: Eat…

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