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Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving with Your Elderly Loved Ones

Caregivers in River Oaks, TX – Fun Ideas for Involving Senior Loved Ones in Thanksgiving Activities For some seniors, Thanksgiving can be a little different from years past. Limited mobility, illness, inability to cook or entertain can change the way their Thanksgiving is celebrated. Luckily, Thanksgiving is all about good food and being around friends and family.…

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Caregivers in River Oaks, TX – Alcohol and Aging

Alcohol problems can occur with adults of any age. Generally speaking, the older generation doesn’t drink as much as the younger but drinking troubles can still arise. Because an adult’s body changes with time and there can be some other health problems that exist and medications to take, alcohol use concurrent with the medications can…

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Caregivers in River Oaks, TX: Bald Eagle Day

June 20 is Bald Eagle Day. These are majestic birds that soar over rocky pinnacles in Alaska, grace the sky in Florida, and are one of the most magnificent creatures in nature. After all, the founding fathers chose the bald eagle as a proud and loyal representation of the United States. On January 28, 1982…

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